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    GPU-Z shows Crossfire "Disabled(Crossfire available)" for HP laptop with AMD A8-7410 APU,R5 graphics + R7 M360


      I have a HP Laptop with following specs(see pic below).



      When I run GPU-Z, it shows the following:



      i.e. Crossfire is shown as "Disabled(Crossfire available)".

      I tried to run FIFA 15 to check if the R7 card was running at all, and I got the following results when running it:



      GPU Load is 0% !!

      Screenshot (132).png

      However the R5 card took all the load,which is not quite enough for running FIFA properly.


      How do I enable Crossfire for the R7 graphics card, or atleast increase load on it while running such games ?

      I checked my drivers also, they're the latest. (Rolled back after Crimson 17.1.1. Couldn't run any game properly. It's horrible).

      P.S. the problem is not with FIFA. Even something with low graphics as Kerbal Space Program doesn't run properly.