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2 raid 240gb but the single 1tb drive does not appear

Question asked by ifixit on Jan 25, 2017
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My head is absolutely fkn done in..what is going on AMD!!!


I only upgraded from an A8-6600k to and A10-7860k. My r9-280x is running at pci gen 3 fukn 8x on gen 1 2 or 3 no way can i get it to say 16x on any gen it fkn stuck there.


The screen goes blank every now and then and i have to remove the DP plug and reinsert.. 120hz samsung sa950


my raid drives appeared and created ok 2x240gb sdd's.. but my sata 1tb storage drive only appears in raid controller. not the screen after when it's in bios nor appear in windows.


These were all fkn working. PROPERLY until i changed CPU, i'vew lost ALL my fkn data.


I am fuming right now.