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Unable to change resolution via the "AMD RADEON SETTINGS" software.

Question asked by mattiasen on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by redfury

Unable to change resolution via the "AMD RADEON SETTINGS" software. I've tried finding tutorials on how to switch resolution via amd's software and was un-pleasingly surprised to find that there was a lack of such. After realizing I had to have specific timings for the different resolutions I found the place to insert them (display>custom resolutions>create). After inserting the timings for 1680x1050, at 144 hz, I found that I was then unable to do anything more, there's no button for switching to the resolution, just the “save” alternative which for me turns my display black for a few seconds and reverts to the monitors native resolution. The timings are not incorrect (tried putting in random numbers and was given a specific message that indicated that the timings were off, and this message does not appear when I use the proper timings). I’ve also checked that the H Respective V polarity timing was correct, and also tried the incorrect alternative.

Driver Packaging Version

  1. 16.50.2611-170113a-310456E

Radeon Settings Version

  1. 2017.0113.1201.21594

Plz help