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    PC gaming surges, while the rest of the PC market declines


      "Over the last few years, PC manufacturers have debuted a wide variety of system designs in an increasingly desperate attempt to reverse dwindling sales. With the PC market now in its sixth straight year of decline, it’s obvious these efforts have met with minimal success. At best, they’ve blunted the impact of an unprecedented downturn. PC gaming, however, is a distinct reversal of this trend."

      "The total market for PC gaming hardware (including gaming accessories) broke $30 billion for the first time in 2016. "

      "The strongest market for PC gaming in terms of year-on-year growth was the Asia-Pacific region, where PC gaming has relatively little competitive threat, thanks to long-term restrictions on console sales in certain countries (some of those restrictions have lifted recently, but PC gaming remains dominant in some Asia Pacific markets).

      Demand for high-end systems that cost multiple thousands of dollars is strongest in the West and European markets, while the Asian markets prefer lower-end to midrange hardware. This likely explains why AMD has launched several Radeon SKUs specifically for the Chinese market — it makes good sense to do so, given spending patterns."

      PC gaming surges, while the rest of the PC market declines - ExtremeTech

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          With the RX 400 and GTX 1000 series, Ryzen and Kaby Lake (as well as Skylake, Haswell, Broadwell, etc...), the concept of low and midrange is quite a different landscape than what it used to be. Take the i3-7100, it's faster than the FX-8350, and it's only $120. Then there's the RX 480, easily capable of 1920x1080 for around $175. Toss in the rest of the hardware and you're looking at an overall system cost of...around $800, not much more than you'd pay for an off the shelf POS OEM machine. Cut the card down to an RX 460 and more...I don't want to say basic or value oriented, say mainstream, and shave a couple hundred off that price while still being able to game with reduced detail levels while being a quite capable media center.

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