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    Terrible performance on all of the latest AAA games


      What is going on with AMD? I am unable to play any of the latest games anymore. I thought this was the developers but beginning to question that now it has been 3 games in a row.


      • Not been able to play dishonored 2 since launch.

      I only get 25 fps with massive stuttering and flickering regardless of my settings and resolution.

      • Not been able to play deus ex: Mankind divided since launch

      1 FPS in the menus 30 fps with massive drops every few minutes and stuttering.

      • Now i am unable to play resident evil 7

      Played fine for the first area as soon as i enter the new area i cannot maintain 60 fps and it drops to single digits anytime i turn or something happens.


      Game reviewers agree with me considering they show the fury performing below a 470 and 1060?



      I am on the latest drivers and have been every time one of the games launched.


      CPU: FX 8350

      RAM: 16GB

      GPU: Fury

      GPU: Fury



      Nvidia managed to fix their stuttering issues in Resident evil 7 within 1 hour.


      I have been waiting months. Guess you don't care about your customers as you are bragging that the 480 is beating the fury on twitter.