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No More Civ VI Keys?

Question asked by dardar1989 on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by dpesulima

I received my game code on the 12th for Civ VI which I registered on AMD Rewards website, after waiting a while I looked on here and Ray from AMD (the poor guy seems to be the only dude firefighting this issue) seemed to say that more keys would be arriving sometime this week. Today I got an email back on my AMD support ticket (in German I might add, being based in the UK I can't read it) I sent a week ago which seems to give me the option of choosing other games and that there isn't any more keys for CIV VI.


Is this the case or will there be more and I just need to wait a bit longer? The offered games don't interest me at all and I really wanted Civ VI, it was one big reason I decided to go for the RX480 graphics card in the end


Anybody else got their keys or received the same email?