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    Black screen!!


      Hello guys

      I have one very interesting issue. Since i have bought r9 390 sapphire nitro  , when i am in the internet, or watching a movie, or videos on Youtube, after 10-15 min, 1h...the monitor just get black. BUT when i am in games (for example Battlefield 1) i dont have any problems....i can play all day without any issues. How can i solve this problem. I hope you can help !!

      PC setup: 16 gb ddr4, CPU- i5-6500, h110m motherboard, 700w PSU.

      Before i used fx-8320 cpu with 16 ddr3 ram and asrock 970 pro 3 motherboard and with both pc parts the problem was same !!!!!!!!!!!!


      I am sorry for my bad english.

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          I would recommend using DDU to remove your current AMD driver, downloading the latest Crimson driver, 17.1.2, and checking to see if the same issue occurs. If it does, try disabling hardware acceleration in your web browser.