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r9 m290x crossfire drivers crash render device lost or No amd graphics driver installed or is not functioning properly. "Please install the amd driver appropiate for your amd software"

Question asked by nexz on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by redfury

Hey all!


I have a alienware 18 with dual r9 m290x in crossfire,intel 4930x processor, 32gb ram.


im currently stuck on 15.2 drivers.


I desperately want to install a 16.xx driver or 17.xx relive driver for my m290x's because when i do, crossfire works for the likes of overwatch arkham knight and doom. However once installed the drivers randomly crash and i get no amd graphics driver installed or is not functioning properly. Or render ouput device lost. This happens on every driver after 15.2 which is the one dell reccomend but its from 2015. There appears to be no pattern, sometimes it happens after half hour, sometimes after four hours of intence gaming.


My machine has so much more performance in it, if only the drivers where stable.


I have freshly installed windows and every driver. I have had the crossfire cable, graphics card, and the mobo replaced and still the same.


Can anybody out there help me? Im at my wits end.


thanks for your time.