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AMD PSP Driver causing problems while resuming from hibernation in Win10

Question asked by yurtesen on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by undifine0909



I am using an HP 15-ab114no laptop with latest BIOS installed with Win10 anniversary edition. Recently I realized that once I hibernate the laptop, it wont resume back.

After I press the power button, the HP logo would appear and abruptly laptop would turn off.


After searching on web for a while and not finding a solution. I remembered that I installed some AMD GPU driver updates and it installed PSP driver and AMD Startnow driver (which was not installed previously)


First I did 'clean uninstall' of Startnow driver but it didnt change anything at all. Then I removed PSP and SMBus drivers (actually I think I didnt have to remove SMBus because it was there all the time and caused no problems in the past). Anyway, after removing PSP driver, I could resume from hibernation.


I believe this caused normal startup also because I could not use fast startup anymore because of this problem. PC would also turn itself down when when starting up, after a shutdown.


Just hoping this information would help some people or AMD sees this and fixes the problem. Because it is impossible to find anything related to this problem online and the simple suggestion seems to be "do not use hibernate"