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A4-5300 Temps

Question asked by dferron on Jan 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by redfury

I have an HP 6305 SFF with the AMD A4-5300 CPU on a Win10 OS. I am concerned about the CPU temps. At idle 105*F and general use like writing this or surfing 135*F. If I do any kind of video converting it will hit 180*F. The CPU fan (front fan on this system) does not accelerate with temp increase. I have removed the heat sink, cleaned and applied new thermal paste ... that reduced temp by about 4*F. HWiNFO64 shows CPU package right now at 106.7* - 125*, min 103.8*, max 166.6*, and avg 123.8*. Not sure what CPU(Tctrl) temps mean. Are these temp OK? Is my fan faulty for no speed increase? Are these higher temps the norm for these newer processors? Well, new to me anyway . My concern arises primarily from my older and retired WinXP AMD system that top temp was 110*F on a hot day. System is still under warranty, but don't want to return it after all the setup time and expense to do so.


Thanks in advance for the help