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    Best cable management ideas


      Hi there,


      I'm just curious as to what methods and products work best at delivering an aesthetically pleasing and optimized efficient cable setup? Like is a braided cable setup worth the effort and or are there PSU cables that are made explicitly for looks and effectiveness? Because I'm really wanting to manage all my cables for efficiency and looks.



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          It's all up to the individual on how detailed they want their build to be, what look they are going for and how much money they are willing to spend to do it.

          Almost all manufacturers of power supplies have accessories that you can add to make your build more aesthetically pleasing.

          Check their web sites for ready made cable sets in different colors.  There are also company that specialize in this area. (see cablemod.com)

          Here are some for the EVGA power supply you are using. EVGA - Products - EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2 Power Supply - 220-P2-1000-XR


          Using a modular power supply, keeping the wires to a minimum and color coordination are a great start to making it look good.

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            If you got the money you can go with this: Configurator | CableMod Global Store

            Basically you can make it the design you want and the right length. This will not be very cheap though but will be the best.

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              Using zip ties or velcro helps to manage your cables. Some PSU manufacturers sells better looking cables like Corsair for their AXi line. You can order custom cables from several sellers or you can buy the parts/tools and make your own custom cables.

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                  Hi. Cable management is just time and effort. When building the best idea is to manage the cabling as you install it - not after. There are some tricks for ultra clean wiring I've learned over the past.. wow 17 years. I'm getting old.


                  First : use overlooked spaces. I run my header cables behind the motherboard. Like I run them under the board itself. These thin wires are the hardest to manage without a rats nest. Use some simple tape or hot glue to stick them to the tray. Find out exact amount of slack you need to connect to the board pins.  If you do it right you'll be looking at basically just enough wiring to go from the connector and then under the board instead of through grommets.



                  Second : Lay your SATA cables flat against the back of the motherboard tray and then loop around and attach to the board. Take each cable and bring them together in a stack. Zip tie this stack down so there's just enough play to give the cables some slack. Tug the cables from the motherboard side to get a clean looking loop without any twists.



                  Third : If your CPU power cable from your PSU isn't long enough to go behind the motherboard tray to loop around and connect? Tuck the cable between the PSU and the motherboard tray all the way back to the back panel of your case. Run the cable up and under the notch between your GPUs IO panel and the PCIE slot on the board. Connect the CPU power. If you're feeling froggy you may use a dab of hot glue here and there to affix it to that back panel.


                  Last : Use your fan chassis to your advantage by wrapping the lead around the body of the fan. This will keep fan leads short and pretty much unable to be seen. If you use these fans on radiators you can run the lead under the mounting hardware in each corner.


                  Cable manament is tough but if you pick up little tricks you can master it.

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                    For me its all about choosing the right case. Most cases these days are designed with cable management in mind. Some do a better job then others. The Rosewill Cullinan case that I use has a fantastic set up to hide as much of your cables as possible. The only thing I wish they added was some sort of a lip on the back side of the case to run all the cords under, otherwise it looks just fine as long as you use some carefully positioned cable ties.

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