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Were forced to use third party software ... why?

Question asked by gwenwolf on Jan 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by jerry6

I'm so getting tired of having to use third party software to use my R9 Fury the way it was meant to be used. Custom Resolution is so broken it infuriates me all to hell. I mean its bad enough everything else in the Crimson is broken and i do mean everything. Can't use  wattman so im stuck using third party software. Cant use Relive cause it wont work correctly so i cant record anything. Then to smack me in the face Custom Resolution is also broken. That is unless you use a software again from a third party that hacks your Card or Monitor....? To be honest i dont even understand this CRU. I just wanna make some custom resolutions that fit my needs in certain games... and i cant even do that without third party software that's complicated for me.


To make matters worse My friend has a NV-1050 that just scales to 7K with easy. You think I might be just a bit pissed off about that. Its a low budget craptastic graphics card doing what the R9-Fury should be doing with Easy but no im stuck with Crimson Trash drivers that cause me Black Screens if i use the software that come with its drivers...? What the heck getting really angry about this and im not alone. I have a few friends who have purchased AMD cards leaving NV's BS and they are ready to go back. TBH im loosing faith and im dead serious. My faith in this card is beginning to fade. Having to rely on third party software that a customer has to research before using is just wrong in my eyes. Please i dont wanna hear excuses that they are new its been over a year and the same error and glitches are being reported daily to the forums and they are not being resolved.  TBH im not sure why im even posting as no one ever answered or resolved my issues with my Card. I had to find answers on my own which took me a few days after booting up my card for the first time. Imagine placing a new product in your home and it wont work correctly for days until you find a solution outside of the people who should know what was wrong with it in the first place. They did create it? Why cant they  fix it? Honestly why?  Why is it that  our drivers so damn bad? /Rant/Questions/Frustrated/Sad