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RX480 linux AMDGPU-Pro GUI and power consumption

Question asked by razorblade on Jan 22, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by rassegan

Hello AMD,


I recently bought my new RX480 and I must admit it is really a great GPU. It's quite fast and in my opinion future proof with many nice features (DX12, Vulkan, zero Core etc.)


Unfortunately I am quite disappointed with the soft/firmware of that card.

  • Linux drivers are everything but working
    • (corruption, graphical glitches, flickering) while gaming (Steam Linux and native linux games)
  • No Software tool (like this Crimson or Gaming App toolset in Windows) for linux - just bare drivers nothing to control or monitor the GPU (see GUI for Linux Drivers , AMDGPU-PRO - GUI / Settings )


- Using a dual monitor setup (both 1920x1080) adds an additional 30W power consumption to the PC compared to using only one monitor. (measured directly at the PC ;-) )

I found forum posts (High power consumption multi monitor setup rx480 ) stating that issue and that this is because of the new architecture. But I don't understand why my former NV GPU did not show this behavior with the same monitors and the same timings.

As the computer has a power consumtion of around 55W@idle with only one monitor attached, the additional 30W is quite much and in my opinion not acceptable.


Hopefully there will be future soft- or firmware updates to correct these issues.


I do understand that linux and linux gaming is not the primary focus of AMD but it would be nice to have these features and to see AMD further advance in Linux and Linux gaming