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    RX480 linux AMDGPU-Pro GUI and power consumption


      Hello AMD,


      I recently bought my new RX480 and I must admit it is really a great GPU. It's quite fast and in my opinion future proof with many nice features (DX12, Vulkan, zero Core etc.)


      Unfortunately I am quite disappointed with the soft/firmware of that card.

      • Linux drivers are everything but working
        • (corruption, graphical glitches, flickering) while gaming (Steam Linux and native linux games)
      • No Software tool (like this Crimson or Gaming App toolset in Windows) for linux - just bare drivers nothing to control or monitor the GPU (see GUI for Linux Drivers , AMDGPU-PRO - GUI / Settings )


      - Using a dual monitor setup (both 1920x1080) adds an additional 30W power consumption to the PC compared to using only one monitor. (measured directly at the PC ;-) )

      I found forum posts (High power consumption multi monitor setup rx480 ) stating that issue and that this is because of the new architecture. But I don't understand why my former NV GPU did not show this behavior with the same monitors and the same timings.

      As the computer has a power consumtion of around 55W@idle with only one monitor attached, the additional 30W is quite much and in my opinion not acceptable.


      Hopefully there will be future soft- or firmware updates to correct these issues.


      I do understand that linux and linux gaming is not the primary focus of AMD but it would be nice to have these features and to see AMD further advance in Linux and Linux gaming

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          Can't comment on drivers as I do not own the card yet, from what I read the Linux open source driver should be fine as long as you are using one of the latest kernel versions (you should consider a distro with fast kernel updates, try a Manjaro live and see how it goes).


          Dual screen power efficiency is a know issue of this design, from what I understand unless the screens are running at the same exact resolution and refresh rate the card is unable to downclock the memory, so the power usage stays high. I highly doubt it is possibile to fix this via firmware or software by AMD and I fear you will have to live with it (this is the main reason currently keeping me from buying the card). Nvidia has just a more optimized architecture for this kind of scenario, as well as for hardware video decoding. Also, just for the record, Fury cards have a good efficiency in dual screen configurations thanks to the HBM memory.

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              I am using the latest LTS Kernel ( and the Linux driver is somewhat working but there are still issues.

              For example after a fresh install of Linux and the AMD drivers sometimes the Xserver fails to start and I have to reset my computer via the reset button. According to the logs this is because the driver cannot be initialized.


              My screens are both running at 1080p@60Hz and in Windows I do not have any issues with power consumption but in Linux I have some 30W more with the same setup.


              I'd like to play linux games and so I installed the latest AMD driver from the AMD homepage to get the best performance and the most out of the card. Maybe I should uninstall this driver and try the open source driver.

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                I was wondering if you could help me out please?

                I am moving from Windows 8.1 to Linux as my Main OS. I do not want to use Windows 10.


                I have a pair of R9 Nanos (FuryX) on i7-4770K Z87 with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Latest AMDGPU-Pro 16.60 with triple 1080p Monitors.

                Things seem to be running reasonably well so far. I am able to run Hitman in Steam on Linux no problems and the Graphics Quality is similar to what I had on Windows 10 or Windows 8.1.


                I need to find out what all the driver options are for this AMDGPU-PRO driver and information on and how I change them in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.


                There is no GUI, not even the old Catalyst Control Center Style GUI that came with the previous "Radeon Crimson for Linux" Driver which I tried out on an older version of Ubuntu and Debian.


                I will have to work out how to change all driver settings from within Ubiuntu / Driver Configuration Files


                Do you know where I could find such information?
                I have been looking and will continue to do so ... however I have had no luck with finding any comprehensive document yet.