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New PC dropping GPU usage

Question asked by jaumlb on Jan 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by amdmatt

PC Specs:

- i3 6100 3.7Ghz with the stock cooler

- PowerColor RX460 4GB VRAM

- 2x8gb Kingston DDR4 2133mhz

- MoBo Asus H110M-C

- PSU Corsair CX600

- HDD Seagate 3,5 1TB

- W10 Home SL

- Monitoring program @ MSI Afterburner with the Unified GPU Monitoring enabled


Hello guys,


I've been experiencing some issues when playing Battlefield 1 and GTA V. I do know the i3 is below the minimum reqs. but it performs well in both games. I usually set both games at 1080p. Battlefield 1 everything is @Low besides either FXAA or TAA. GTA V most settings are @Very High and a few others @High.

What happens is whenever I am in the middle of a huge fight in Battlefield 1 my GPU usage drops to 60-75% and my FPS drops as well to around 50s. It also happens in servers with less players, e.g. 32p. In GTA V it happens in the middle of the city for instance, the usage drops to the 70% and the FPS to the 40's. In both games it doesn't matter if I set a lower resolution or a resolution scale or even graphics settings. GTA V will achieve almost 80FPS when not in town if I set 1600x900 but as soon as I enter the city it'll drop the usage and the FPS to the same 40's.

Same for Battlefield 1. When the usage is around 90% my frames even in demanding maps such as Empire's Edge will be around 75-90 (64 players server). If I set to 1600x900 it'll drop as well. Same if I put 1080p with res. scale around 90%, what would turn into a 1728x972 resolution.


As I have explained the problem I'll also list everything I did so far in order to fix this issue:


Things related to the Motherboard:


- Updated the BIOS twice, with one version first (2001) and another today (3019);

- Disabled HT - nothing changed, set it on again;

- Disabled Speedstep - nothing changed, enabled back;

- Set the GPU as the primary adapter, no changes at all;


Things related to the system:


- Tried both W7 Home, W8.1 Pro and W10 Home January version and Anniversary Edition;

- Disabled Peek inside the Performance tab @ System settings;

- Disabled Virtual Memory, still the same;

- Set the Power Settings to 'High Performance';

- Unparked my cores (no performance increase or decrease);

- Uninstalled all built-in apps, disabled Windows Defender, Windows Update;

- Disabled XBOX DVR and Cortana as well.


Things related to Crimsons driver (Uninstalled all of them using DDU and AMD Cleanup Utility):


- Drivers used (16.11.4, 16.12.2, 17.1.1)

- Set the Wattman power limit to 50+;

- Changed the RX fan speed from Auto to 90%, nothing changed.


Related to the game:


- Disabled both Origin and Steam in-game/Overlay;

- In Battlefield 1 whenever I set DX12 instead of DX11 I have a stable GPU usage (around 90-99% even in lower resolutions like 1280x720) and frames ranging less, although it stutters a lot because even if I lock my framerates the CPU usage will always be around 95-100%, which causes these said stutterings - I don't know what I did a few days ago but fortunately for a few matches I played with less CPU usage and a stable GPU usage, but as I soon as I closed the game and opened it back it all started again.


The programs I have are:


- Steam;

- Origin;

- Battlefield 1;

- Teamspeak;


I have no idea what is going on with this pc. What bothers me is that a GeForce 750Ti in 1600x900 or 1080p 90% resolution scale keeps the usage around 90-99% and the frames 80+ even during heavy fight with the same i3. Same for a GTX950 or a 1050. I don't know the reason behind this, if it is related to drivers or motherboard. I found a thread with not enough information but it seemed that the OP had the same Motherboard, a i5 6500 and a RX470 and had GPU usage drops as well in several games. That is why I don't know if it is the MoBo or the GPU or the PSU or anything.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.