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Catalyst setup for extending desktop to TV via ethernet to DISH Hopper?

Question asked by beldar on Jan 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2017 by beldar

I already have a DLNA connection to the Hopper DVR, and using the Hopper's built-in Home Media function and the Hopper remote I can view saved media on my TV in the other room. PC>Router>ethernet>Hopper>TV. My preferred DLNA server is Serviio, for reasons that probably shouldn't matter here. The ethernet stops at the Hopper, but I can still see my Win7 media folders and files on the TV.


Thing is, it's only good so far for Saved media off my HD, not for live streaming from sources not provided by DISH. So I just got the latest Catalyst for my old Win7 Radeon 6670. I know I need the "Extended Desktop" going on, and as you can see from my tray, it seems to be available. But over on the TV end I see nothing. Any ideas? A different TV "input"? Something on the Hopper's own settings?



Then too, if I go into the CCC panel I can find this, But, see below:


Image 5.jpg


If I select one of those choices I get a dire warning, maybe because my TV isn't a digital flat screen but an old rear projection, so I back out. Woe is me, what to do.