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Asus HD7970 Matrix platinum acting weird after windows updates

Question asked by hydra on Jan 21, 2017
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So my problem is that after one of the windows 7 updates my card is acting weird.It's either running in safe mode (green) or stops light at all or running on maximum (red) and doesnt show any more colors.Now this wouldnt be a problem but games like AC Brotherhood is running on maximum and sometimes drops fps.Other games do this as well.I tried reinstalling drivers like a thousand times,tried (my friend) installing a new bios on the card,tried reinstalling windows (both 7 and 10 does this) and nothing seems to work.But it looks like it will be one of the windows updates because the card worked perfectly without any updates installed.Right now I have the latest driver installed, 17.1.1.


Sorry for my bad english,I really hope someone can help because I totally ran out of ideas.Also I'm not really an expert in these things...