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New graphics card causing input selection havoc for dual display dual PC setup, help?

Question asked by phaewryn on Jan 21, 2017
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I have two desktop PCs running Windows 10 Pro. I have two monitors which have two inputs, HDMI and VGA. I have my primary PC connected to both monitors, the primary monitor runs HDMI from the PC to HDMI to the monitor (the cable is HDMI both ends), the secondary monitor runs DVI from the PC to HDMI to the monitor (cable is DVI one end and HDMI on the other). Each monitor has an input switch to switch from VGA to HDMI channels (the input button). On the secondary monitor it stays on the HDMI channel all the time, since that is its only job. The primary monitor has the second PC hooked up to it as well, VGA from the PC to VGA on the monitor. I have been using the input switch to switch from the HDMI channel (primary PC) to the VGA channel (the secondary PC) on the primary monitor. It was working great. Then I installed a graphics card (an XFX AMD RX 480), and now when I hit the input button on the primary monitor, it goes to the second PC as expected, but when I hit the input button to switch back to the primary PC, it doesn't detect the signal anymore. I have to either unplug the cable from the graphics card and plug it back in, or hit win+P and select "extend display" to make it comes back (this, however, causes all my desktop icons to be rearranged every single time, so it is very unusable). HOWEVER, this is only when the second PC is ON, when the second PC is OFF, the input button still works fine, I can switch to the VGA channel and back with no problem. I am running DisplayFusion to customize the taskbar on the secondary monitor and add some pop/resize functions to my explorer windows, but I do not use DisplayFusion to manage the monitor setup (I use the built in Windows tool to manage my secondary display). This problem is VERY annoying, as it has made my formerly working set up totally inconvenient to use. When I go into the AMD control panel, it does have a section called Display, and it does offer to manage my monitors, but as far as I can tell I have everything turned off. That being said, something is definitely causing an issue in there, as it worked fine before I had a graphics card in the machine. What can I do to fix this? It has rendered my setup almost unusable, I am frustrated that my life was easier with no graphics card, as this was supposed to be an "upgrade" not a NIGHTMARE (I need it for work I do, so I am sort of stuck with it), so can we please fix this?