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ReLive update removed VRAM underclock option, and overrides 3rd party tools

Question asked by ext3h on Jan 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by vintelligence

I need the VRAM underclock option, as I have an older factory overclocked model, which now fails at the factory clocks. I do know though that it does work stable at lower clocks.


The problem is, since the re-design of WattMan as part of the ReLive update, the VRAM clock can only be increased ABOVE the stock settings, the former available option of choosing a lower clock doesn't exist any more.


It's mostly just a mistake in the UI design, as the slider for VRAM clock now starts at 100%, rather than from 0% as it did before!


Using a 3rd party tool like MSI Afterburner doesn't work any more either, as soon as the radeon driver applies the application profile, the (lower) clocks set externally are overridden.