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Powercolor R9 290 random freezing and crashing.

Question asked by r9290help on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by redfury

This is most likely the longest and strangest problem you will ever read so please bear with me here. Whenever I play a video game on my PC within a few minutes of it running I will get random 10 to 30 second freezes which happens every 1 to 5 minutes and usually end in a crash. One solution I found a long time ago on a forum but no longer works was to use MSI Afterburner and set the core clock to 947 and the memory clock to 1250,apply and then everything would work perfect. One solution that I discovered on accident but again no longer works was I happened to open RivaTuner statistics server and for whatever reason I no longer had to use the MSI Afterburner solution,as long as I had RivaTuner running I never had any problems. That worked until about 3 months ago,the problem came back even worse. I will try to list a few things that I have noticed over the years that might help.


This problem has never occured using emulators,things like Dolphin,1964,etc.

Whenever I watch videos the sound but not the video will skip,at the same intervals as when the game would freeze. This only started after I got the GPU.

I got and "solved" the problem on Windows 7,and it still worked after I switched to Windows 10.

I decided to just wipe everything and start from scratch,I have nothing but a few games and the software mentioned above on my PC right now,that did not help.

Someone suggested the PSU might be the problem but after using 3 different ones with no results I figured that was not it.

Above I mentioned MSI Afterburner,whenever I would click apply the GPU temperature would go high as though I was playing a game from 32c to 55c,now when I click apply it does not change at all even if a game is running. Also now even if I change the clock by 1 the in game FPS is reduced to half or less.

GPU temperature does not go above 60c.

I changed drivers so many times I lost count,no luck there.


I have seen this problem so many times but nobody ever has an answer,hoping that might change. Thank you for your time.