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    Driver Crashes, Screen Glitching and Black Screens(RX 470).


      Okay so over the past few weeks I have been getting blue screens with the stop code VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE but since the latest driver update they seem to be fixed but now I am getting driver crashes instead. These crashes usually happen within 10 minutes of launching a game, usually causing me to reboot my system to get the driver up and running again. One thing to add is it seems that only a few games will cause this crash such as 7 Days to die, GTA V and Dolphin Emulator, while Overwatch has never crashed.

      As for the screen glitching and black screens these happen together and only on startup from what I can tell. So what happens is I load to the desktop click chrome and then screen freezes and then it will turn different colours and have a "Glitchy" look to it, after this happens I got to a black screen and the computer restarts itself.



      CPU: i5 6600k @ 4Ghz

      GPU: Asus ROG STIX rx 470 oc 4GB

      RAM: 20GB @ 2400Mhz(Currently only 16GB)

      MOBO: ASRock z170a-x1

      Storage: 2x 120GB SSD and 1TB HDD

      Other info:

      Driver version: 17.1.1

      GPU Test:

      I have run FurMark for 1 hour with a max temp of 75C(When max temp set to 80C) and I also have run unigine heaven for about 5 hours with no issues.


      Thanks in advance.