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    295x2 and display drivers crashes in "The Division"


      Display driver randomly crashes when playing the division, sometimes a BSOD occurs. I have had the computer cleared of any hardware issues by a technician, the temps and memory all 100% (Tested withe furmark and memtest). I am currently using the 17.1 driver, the problem does not occur in BF1 or any older title games, only division.


      When the bsod occurs i get this error code "atikmdag.sys", which leads me to believe it is a driver issue.

      I have changed the TDR value in windows to 8 with no luck, and disabled all startup applications, disabled all the overlays, nothing works.

      The textures flash blue right before this happens, it then hangs and crashes to desktop. I am wondering if anyone has a 295x2 and is getting similar problems, and if you can suggest a stable driver to use? Nothing on the PC is overclocked, and I am playing at medium setting in game, fullscreen, 144hz.


      I7 4930K

      Windows 7 pro 64 bit

      16G corsair dominator platinum 2400Mhz

      Asus rampage IV formula

      AMD radeon 295x2

      1275 Watt thermaltake PSU