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    BioS mod the RX460 and unlock cores


      Ok, I have 4 of the XFX RX460 4GB models, but I don't feel like bricking any of them.  Who is going to try this?


      If nobody volunteers I'll be forced to try, and once I start I won't stop. It's why I don't go to casinos.

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          Hi ... so did you try it or not?


          I am curious because I am interested in Bios Modding to improve GPU Performance.


          I am interested for a number of reasons:


          (1). I own a pair of R9 Nanos and I am interestied in removing the stock cooler, adding watercooling  and seeing if I can increase the HBM clock speed.
          The HBM memory and other GPU clocks are locked

          Last I saw though, AMD added in Digital Signatures to the BIOS which prevents BIOS Modding.

          Download TechPowerUp Radeon Bios Editor | techPowerUp


          (2). I am interested in Workstation Cards and Radeon Pro drivers, but I cannot justify the cost to purchase a WX7100.
          As far as I understand it, WX7100 = RX480 with the following differences:


          (A). Single slot form factor so more can be fit in Workstation/Server Motherboard.

          (B). Manufactured by AMD so maybe the PCB and GPU and Memory components are manufactred to a higher standard and exhaustively tested to ensure reliability.
          (C). Longer Guarantee.

          (D). Software Certification and likely better / faster Bug and Driver update support.

          If the above is the case then it should be possible purchase a second hand RX480, flash the BIOS, and have a "WX7100" to play with the Radeon Pro Drivers.

          What do you think?

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            If you backup your original working BIOS, you shouldn't have a problem with bricking the device, as you can simply restore it. Also, keeping an extra card around with an unmodded BOIS so that you have something to restore your BIOS's with, because a bricked device will just result in a black screen.