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    rx480 snowing


      hi there,


      sorry for bad english.

      i have a problem with my Sapphire Nitro+ RX480 OC. Sometimes i have snowing when i tabed out of a game, is it when my monitor recognizes the signal new.

      Whats helps: Turn the Monitor off and on or tabed new in the game.

      i have this problem only sinced the new Graphic card.

      The Monitor is connected with a DVI Cable, i also tested a hdmi cabel, but with this i cannot switch out of games, the monitor shows me only a black screen.

      I uninstalled the driver with DDU and installed fresh.


      Pic-Upload.de - IMG_20161223_083533.jpg


      my system:


      Intel Core i5 2500 cooled with Arctic Freezer 13

      8GB Corsair Ram 4x2GB CMX8GX3M4A1333C9

      Asus p8p67 r3.0

      Sapphire Nitro+ RX480 OC

      BE QUIET! 530W L7-530W PURE-Power BQT

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          I suspect your old (2009 ?) dual rail psu,

          be-quiet 530.PNG

          Can you try the card in another pc, or better psu with single 12V rail (suggest minimum 42-45amp).

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              hmm no, pc from my girlfriend has the same psu. i bought the psu 2011


              sorry for the dumb question. if there is a problem with my power supply, should i not have problems with high gpu workload?

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                  Does it happen with all games, or mainly one game ?

                  Are mobo drivers/bios updated ?

                  Any external usb devices connected when this happens ?

                  What graphics driver version, OS, Monitor make/model ?

                  What was previous graphics card ?

                  What are you alt+tabbing to (video/webpages/skype etc...)?

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                      99% is it, when i tabbing out of cs:go. in 2 times it was, when the monitor come out of standby. but it is not every time in csgo

                      All Drivers up to date, latest bios flashed

                      No, only mouse and keyboard connected via usb

                      Crimson ReLive Edition 17.1.1, but it was with every amd driver was i tested the last 2 month

                      Windows 10 64bit. Benq G2420HD, i tested also a other Monitor same model with the same result.

                      Saphire HD6850

                      I alt+tabbing out of cs:go to desktop, skype, firefox, explorer




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                  I am having this same problem, and it's not my power supply.


                  I was using my system with two HD6970 cards and Windows 7 (full hardware details below).

                  I purchased two MSI RX480 Gamer X 8GB cards and am now using them in CFX. Everything was working perfectly until about a month after I purchased when I decided to allow a driver update. After the update, my monitor started displaying snow all over the picture when coming out of sleep mode. Turning the monitor off and back on would correct the issue, but now I can't use sleep mode any more. At the time, I decided to roll back the driver and the problem went away.


                  Now I have "upgraded" my system to Windows 10. I installed the newest driver, and guess what problem is back? This is a driver issue, not a hardware issue. I don't want to have to roll back to an old driver from January but it's looking like I might have to.

                  My system specs:


                  Sabertooth Z87 Motherboard

                  Haswel I7 4770K

                  16GB Kingston RAM

                  Corsair AX750 PSU

                  Windows 10 Anniversary edition (pro) 64 bit.


                  Monitor is an LG 34UM65 Ultra Wide


                  Connected using Dual Link DVI-D


                  This is not a Windows 10 issue because it happened in Windows 7, and it's not a hardware issue because when I rolled back the driver the problem went away. Plus the issue did not exist before I updated the driver (the one that came with the MSI cards worked fine).


                  Unfortunately I cannot give you the revision numbers of the drivers involved because after backing to the previous driver that was working in Windows 7, I left it like that until two weeks ago when I installed Windows 10 and the problem reappeared after installing the latest driver from AMD. I'm actually thinking about installing the driver on the disk that came with my cards.


                  I am actually relieved to see someone else having the same problem.


                  jaydisll: I suggest you try a driver from December, I bet your problem will disappear. Go back about four driver versions, and if the problem isn't gone go back a few more.



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                      I RMA my Card - new Card have the same Problem, i try it in another PC - same problem. Yeah, it must be a Driver Problem. But the Problem has become less. I hope AMD removed this failure soon.


                      Thank you Sir for the confirmation.

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                      Well, it's a good thing that I found other people who experience the same thing as me, and it's bad that I'm experiencing this the first day My pc is up and running. In the csgo my screen would go into snow/noise scrren upon starting the game after I updated the drivers to latest version as of today, fortunately found out the problem was with the virtual super resolution. Disables it and the problem with cc go went away, but upon waking up the system from sleep i get this 2,3 second snow/noise screen then it goes to normal without me doing anything.

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                          I am also having the same issue! I have disabled Monitor sleep for now... hopefully will be a fix in the next drivers... Grrrr


                          My System Specs follow


                          FX-8350@4.5Ghz, Hyper TX3 Cooler + Noctua fans and Antec Diamond Nano Thermal Paste, 16gb Corsair 1866 @ 1970, XFX RX 480P8D 8GB, Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 rev 3.0, Bios FD. Creative LAbs X-Fi Fatal1ty PCIe Sound Card, Antec TruePower 750W (80 Bronze). Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit (Build 1703), Samsung 840 evo 512 ssd, 2 x 2 TB HDD(s) 1 x 4 TB HDD,  Antec Server Case with Multiple push/pull fans. Radeon 17.4.4 Driver Package. Latest AMD Chipset drivers for 9xx Series chipsets. Monitor Samsung 2243BW Syncmaster via DVI

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                          So, I see a few people having this problem and no one from AMD here to help us, or even acknowledge the problem.

                          If I did dislike nVidia so much these might be the last AMD card I purchase.

                          I spent $800 on AMD cards, and get zero support. Thanks guys. I hope a 3rd gpu manufacturer doesn't come along, because I will happily give them a try over either AMD or nVidia.

                          Now, I'm simply trying to create a profile for Destiny 2, but no where on the 'net does it tell us how to do this for a game hidden behind the battlenet launcher. The support for these cards is non existent.