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17.1.1 RX 480 8gb Default Radeon Wattman settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure

Question asked by diclayton714 on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by asifamd

Currently, I am running an XFX RX 480 8gb variant that I installed about a month ago.  The behavior that I am currently worried about is that after running a game, or a test of any kind, even if it isn't very stressful at all, will cause Wattman to crash and gives me the "ant race" across my monitor.  This cannot be corrected except for hard resetting my PC.


After the computer resets, I get the pop-up dialogue box "Default Radeon Wattman settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure."  It works fine on any game for another 1-2 hours or so, and then repeats the process.  I've been looking for any solutions to the problem, and have been unlucky so far.


The timeline of events leading to the installation of my new RX 480 went as such:

1. I uninstalled my old card, which was a Radeon HD 6670 1gb

2. I used DDU to uninstall all of my drivers from previous graphics.

3. I installed the RX 480, and downloaded the latest drivers from AMD's website

4. I'm currently running 17.1.1 and have had this issue for the past 3 versions.


Any insight provided on this issue would be massively helpful.  To finish everything off, here are my exact system specifications:

GIGABYTE M68MT-S2 Motherboard     GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM3 - GA-M68MT-S2 (rev. 1.3)

Windows 7 Home Premium Ed. 64bit

8gb DDR3 1333 RAM

AMD FX8350 Vishera 8-Core  Processor

Windows Installed on - PNY 240gb SATA SSD

PSU - Rosewill Stallion Series RD500-2DB 500W ATX12V

Monitor - Dell S2330MX (Digital)


Note: All of my inputs to my monitor from my RX 480 are using DVI.


Thanks for the time into this matter!