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    amd ace overriding overclock


      i recently updated driver to the new crimson 16.5 from 15.9 ever since i have updated for some odd reason the ace profile forces clock speeds to 970 and 1600 with 1.2v. but the forced overclock from msi after burner is 1100/1600 1.2v. and it will keep the 970/1600 until i reboot then it will run at 1100/1600 for a few then revert back to 970/1600. so far what i think of crimson is terrible if no fixes are in place i will revert to older catylst and disable ccc overdrive and enjoy the rest of the day. what fixed the problem so far is deleting the amd ace folder, but after doing that my cpu clocks would stay at 1100/1600 constant without downclocking for idle.


      pc specs

      asus r9 280x dc2t


      16gb ram

      windows 7 64bit



      what ive done

      reinstalled driver with clean uninstall using ddu and cleaning manually of amd drivers

      removed all app profiles

      went nowhere near overdrive