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XFX RX 480 GTR Black Ed. Gray/Black/Purple screen crash & PC freeze

Question asked by drifter88 on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by alish


RX 480 - Gray screen (sometimes black or purple) crash, 1~ minute upon loading a game. Tested on The Division, Overwatch, Battlefield. Locks up the whole PC requiring a hard restart. Works fine on the desktop and on 2D applications such as Photoshop or Corel.


System Configuration:

  • Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z270F
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K
  • Memory: Corsair Vengeance LED 16GB DDR4
  • GPU: XFX RX 480 GTR Black Edition
  • VBIOS: 113-RX480-8GB-I1338M8G-W80
  • Driver: Crimson ReLive 16.12.2
  • Display: LG 34UC88 @ 3440x1440 75hz FreeSync on
  • PSU: EVGA Supernova G1 650W 80plus Gold
  • OS: Windows 10 x64 Latest Updates


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Launch a game, any game.

  2. Whether on windowed mode or full screen, whole PC freezes and locks up with gray screen within 1~ minute


Remedies Tried:

  1. Tweaks to WattMan - Tried undervolting, underclocking, messing with frequency curve, fan profiles, etc - basically everything I could find on the net and AMD forums that users claimed to have worked.

  2. ClockBlocker - Downloaded, installed, launched and tried - no avail

  3. Turned off all in-game overlays, shut down all uneccesary programs, tried different resolutions, tried windowed mode and full screen windowed and full screen mode.


Nothing worked. System is brand new, Win 10 install is brand new. At my wits end as the outright replacement period has passed, but fortunately card is under warranty. Should I just RMA this? I'm afraid of getting a new card but still with the same problems. Reeeaaalllly tempted to go with a GTX 1070 and call it a day, but I want to make use of my monitor's FreeSync.