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    Radeon R5 M330 Shows 0% Usage


      Hi there.

      I have a Lenovo Ideapad 300-15ISK (80Q7) with 4GB Ram, Intel HD 520 Graphics and AMD Radeon R5 M330 and I'm running Windows 10 Pro X64


      I've Installed so many drivers for both of these graphics and they all cause freezing and Blue Screen Errors (BSOD). Since after analyzing the dump files, I got so many hints that my problems are Ram related, Yet my Ram performed perfectly fine in a 145 Minute Memetest run, I thought that maybe there is a problem with the Intel Graphics, Which essentially gets all of its power from my Ram. So I decided to Get all (or most) of my programs to run with the AMD graphics card. I Installed the latest versions of both drivers, Set a Video player ( "PotPlayer" ) to run On High-Performance Mode, Plugged in My laptop, and opened a Full-HD video in the player.

      As always, The AMD GPU usage remains at 0% in AMD System Monitor, No Matter what I do. Even Running Photoshop won't raise this to 1%.

      I saw someone else having this problem here:




      And The response that he got and apparently solved his problem seems odd to me.


      Anyway, My question is this: I have set an application ( "PotPlayer" ) to run on High-Performance Mode, So why isn't there any usage registered in AMD System Monitor when I use that application and open big, heavy video files?


      Thanks so much.

      Good Luck

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          1.Intel HD 520 Graphics may be faster in Video coding/decoding

          2.Try some heavy 3D application like Heaven 4.0 and check R5 M330 usage.

          3.Really you don't need R5 M330 for any 2D applications. Your primary GPU is strong enough. By the way,HD 520 can decode H.265/HEVC in hardware, but

          R5 M330 cannot.

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              Thanks, But as I said before, there is a reason that I want to do this..


              I wanted to diagnose the reason for the freezing problems that I've been having. Some of the symptoms and BSOD reports would tell me that maybe there is a problem with my RAM, and yet my Ram performed perfectly fine in a 145 Minute Memetest run.. So I thought maybe there was something wrong with the Intel GPU or its driver. ( I don't know that Intel integrated graphics even can get "broken" or not )

              You won't believe what HELL I've been through in the past 3 weeks.. Several windows installs, Dozens and dozens of different drivers, and anything imaginable in between.

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                  1.Update BIOS

                  2.Update chipset and ME driver

                  3.Update audio driver

                  4.Try to disable sound or audio device in device manager(for experiment )

                  5."PotPlayer"-what is this? Use another player. Windows Media Player for example. You just need to change conditions of use of your laptop.

                  6.Check your HDD for errors. Victoria+CrystalDiskInfo

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                      Done all.. Hasn't helped me though

                      Thanks btw.

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                          If disabling HW acceleration will help you ,then Intel HD 520 may be faulty.

                          Try to uninstall Intel GPU driver and remove remains of this driver by DDU.

                          Then update Intel GPU driver via device manager or use this driver (for win10)

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                              Thanks Buddy, I think the Intel GPU is indeed faulty. Because I installed UnifL (a Customized AMD control panel which lets you make all the applications run with AMD graphics) And things have been rather good since then. I've had no freezes, BSODs, Or anything like that.

                              I also did what you suggested (uninstalling the intel driver) once, And it did NOT end pretty.. The whole windows broke down and then it wouldn't let me install the driver again! and I tried this with multiple versions of drivers.. even the one that was installed before, and Nothing.. I had to "RESET" the windows to get things back to working condition. It's kinda like the intel graphics is the "mother graphics" of the system and without it, You can't do anything. for god's sake even when I just disable the Intel HD graphics, My AMD control panel won't open up! and It says the drivers are not installed..


                              I just don't know whether there is a problem with my drivers, or the Actual Intel Graphics/CPU?


                              Thanks Again

                              Good Luck.

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                      Disable hardware acceleration in your browser(s).