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    For FirePro W9100 amdgpu-pro: Does not work with MST-based 4K monitor and (2) where is catalyst software?


      I have an HP Z420 workstation running Red Hat Linux 7.3 enterprise 64-bit with AMD FirePro 16 GB WD9100, connected to a Sharp 32" 4K Pn-321 monitor. I have successfully installed the latest amdgpu-pro driver. It is working when my monitor is configured for SST , which works at refresh rate of 30Hz instead of 60 Hz. When I configure my monitor for MST (which can give refresh rate of 60 Hz), I only get blank screen. Question #1: How to make it work with my monitor configured for MST? Question #2: Where is the Catalyst software to configure the card? It works previously with Red Hat 6.8 with the July 2016 Catalyst driver.