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RX 480 8gb video_tdr_failure after wake up from sleep

Question asked by thevin on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by redfury

I just got the video card today and put it in. It was working fine, temperatures were good. Running witcher 3 on high with no crashes. I exited to the desktop, left for a few hours and came back and the computer was in sleep mode. I woke the PC up but the monitor showed a black screen with some flashing here and there, then got a BSOD with the message Video_TDR_Failure (atikmpag.sys). Everytime the PC goes to sleep this happens. I have not overclocked the CPU or changed the GPU in anyway from stock. After reinstalling the drivers after using DDU to uninstall, I don't always get the BSOD but sometimes just a very laggy unresponsive screen which will eventually let me in to the desktop but be functionally unusable due to how slow and laggy it is.


I initially did not remove my old drivers ( I had a 6950) and just installed the new drivers over them. After the crash I removed all the drivers old and new and reinstalled. It didn't change anything. I googled the problem, others seemed to have it. I tried changing TdrDelay in the registry but that didn't help. I also uninstalled drivers using DDU and reinstalled the latest drivers.

Bios is up to date.

I have done the recommended DISM and SFC steps as well.


The card is connected through DVI to a samsung monitor and HDMI to a tv as the 2nd screen.

CPU is i7 2700k

MOBO is Asrock extreme3 gen3

PSU is antec neoeco 620w