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    Problem:  System crash followed by "Default Radeon WattMan settings have been restored due to unexpected system failure"


      New PC build:

      intel i-7 6700k

      asus z-170-a motherboard

      gigabyte rx 480 8gb card

      windows 10 64 bit

      2 sticks of corsair ddr5 ram (8gb ea)

      corsair 750w gold power supply

      Lg ultrawide monitor 60hz 1080p

      Driver: I currently have 16.6 after reinstalling but i also had problems when i updated to 17.1 radeon crimson


      Hey everyone, I hope that it is okay to post this here but i just installed my new gigabyte rx480 8gb card yesterday and it seems to be almost un useable. Every game i run crashes within 5 minutes and i am required to hard reset my computer.

      I get a black screen during games and it requires a hard reset. When I reset i get a messages in the bottom right of my screen saying it was because of an unexpected wattman error and system settings have been restored.

      -This has happened about 10 times today but happens as soon as i run any game.

      - the games affected so far are fallout 4, ark survival, and smite: the initials crashes occured on maximum settings but still occured during minimum settings.


      So far i have tried to:

      • reinstalling all of my drivers (no option to avoid installing wattman) -adjusting my cpu/power usage to dynamic ( and undervolting)  in the wattman settings


      Any help would be appreciated as i would like my card to be useable!