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    amd 9590 locking?


      Asus Sabertooth 2.0

      Amd 9590

      8gb ram 1333MHz

      750Watt EVGA bronze PSU

      AMD 280x

      Noctua D-14 Cooler with Noctua Thermal Paste


      However my machine sometimes locks up and I am unable to use the machine, I tried a few things like taking everything out and putting it back in however its not working :/

      Does anyone have any insight on what I am able to do?

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          Are you getting any error messages, BSOD, over heating?

          Are there any notable events in Event Viewer?


          What OS and GPU driver versions on you using?  

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              Hi, I have recently read these posts however I feel that with my current setup my cooling it going okay, as it idles around 30-35 degrees

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                According to Noctua it can. TDP guidelines & cooler height

                If I was going to use an air cooler, I would probably use the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 3.

                For now, I will stick with my Corsair H100i.  Its been going for over 3 years now, trouble free!! (using FX 9370) 

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                    CPU temperatures depend on various different factors, so please take note of the explanations below and keep in mind that our recommendations can only serve as general guidelines for typical setups.

                    1) Our recommendations are based on an ambient temperature of 25°C or less. Please ensure good case ventilation when ambient temperature is 30°C or more.

                    2) Our recommendations assume that the cooler is installed in a typically equipped, properly ventilated system. If you are using particularly hot components inside your system, it may be necessary to use stronger case ventilation to ensure sufficient CPU cooling performance.

                    3) Our recommendations assume that the fan is used with PWM control (configured so that it can speed up to 100% when necessary) but without the supplied Low-Noise Adaptor. If you would like to use the coolers with the supplied Low-Noise Adaptors, the maximum recommended TDP and/or overclocking headroom will be lower. As a rule of thumb, overclocking headroom will be reduced by one star when using Low-Noise-Adaptors. If no overclocking headroom is specified, please choose a CPU with a lower TDP if you want to use Low-Noise Adaptors.


                    Also, looking at other people's results with that cooler and processor:


                    Air-Cooled (Noctua NH-D15) FX-9590 - Log and Notes

                    After almost a week of normal operation:

                    Ambient: ~30 °C

                    CPU @ idle: 34 °C (enabled CPU low-power states)

                    CPU w/ web browsing, file transfers: 36 °C

                    CPU after 15 minutes Aida64 stability test: 69 °C

                    CPU after 30ish minutes Witcher 3, ultra blah blah: 62 °C max, 57 °C avg

                    62°C is above the thermal maximum of the FX-9590, and that guy is using a massive case with zero obstructions and high airflow (8 120mm fans from all directions), and The Witcher 3 isn't even the most demanding game on the CPU.