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    RX 480 after 3 months horrible performance..?


      (I hope i posted this in the right place)

      So like 2 months ago i bought this RX480. It worked GREAT until a few days ago. While playing csgo the fps will be avg around 100 but goes up to 200 and down to 30 all the time,

      which makes it definitely impossible to play on a competitive level (or maybe even just playing the game at all). In games like Overwatch and Rocketleague the fps is also all over the places, most of the time under 60 fps. Strangely enough Rocketleague is actually kinda playable like that, which is nice...

      Just going to write here what i noticed about the card looking at Wattman.

      While NOT playing games:

      • The activity % showing in Wattman spikes to 100% and 20% a few times but is most of the time 0%.
      • Temp is 36 Celsius and the memory stays down at 300 MHz.
      • GPU around 1000 MHz but is going up and down.

      While playing CS:GO though:

      • The activity % spikes a bit more often from 0 to 100%
      • The memory suddenly starts going up and down from 300 MHz to 2000MHz.
      • GPU is around 1266MHz

      What's maybe worth mentioning is that I get these fps in csgo regardless of my visual settings. It even looks like that if I lower my settings the fps gets worse.

      While playing Overwatch on Lowest settings:

      • Temp 73, activity and gpu same thing.
      • Memory going down sometimes from 2000MHz

      The fps on Overwatch is most of the time under 60, but can go up to 100 for a split sec.

      I'm not quite sure when these problems started. Maybe it was after updating the drivers.

      I have already tried removing the drivers and reinstalling them but that didn't help.

      I have never overclocked or tweaked things about the card. Just updated the drivers every now and then.

      I hope i wrote everything needed and someone can find a solution to my problem, or did the card just break down?

      Thank you in advance

      -CPU: I5 4460

      -Asrock B85M-HDS

      -PSU: Coolermaster gx500 (500w)

      -win 10 64 bit

      -Crimson Edition 16.12.2 (altough i just updated it to 17.1.1 but it doesn't show, maybe a bug? tried installing it twice with also restarting my pc twice.)

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          Make sure your Power Limit is set to +50...and click 'apply' at the top of the page.

          Make sure your computer power profile is set to 'Performance' (not 'balanced')





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              Thanks! I will definitely give that a try tomorrow. What's weird though is that I haven't changed any of these settings

              when this problem occurred.

              - so i just tried it, and while it does make the games A LOT more playable, it's not nearly as good as it used to be. It's still kinda shaky playing csgo: around 60 fps and going under 30 fps sometimes. Other people with this card can get up to 300 fps..

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              I would like to share that me and a buddy have a similar issue with the RX480 8GB vs major fps drops in CSGO.

              Drops on de_cache and de_mirage back to 50 for both of us?!? Drops on other maps from 250-300 back to 90 all the time. She is semi-pro and desires to stream, but she cannot play on her normal level due to major drops. My GTX750ti holds a stable 120-150 fps all the time.


              This occurs with default windows driver on clean install Windows 7 and Windows 10 and newer drivers from the amd website. Powerplan is high.
              Also fullscreen CSGO boot + mouseclick = back to desktop while having two videocards in the PC and 1 monitor attached. I am working around this by booting the game windowed and than going fullscreen. When I alt-tab and click ingame again I get thrown back to the desktop.