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Driver crushes during game

Question asked by valee on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by valee

Hello everyone , I'm new at forum so I beg your pardon for my mistakes.

My problem started about 1.5-2 months ago during playing League of Legends. Pc suddenly freezed and after a few seconds a blue screen came up with " Driver power State failure". After i restarted screen came in black but i could start in pc in safe mode without  problem. I did many things (fast forwarding since problem is not here now) and then finally i clean installed windows itself deleting all previous files on pc but even this didnt solve the problem and black screen continue. So I disabled amd card and used pc for a 1 month. After 1 month i activated amd card , problems again. So i clean installed amd driver and now it works fine until i open a game.If i open a game screen freezes again.Also updater finds a new update and when i try to update it a error comes out" CIMManifest.exe  is not compatiable for Win64" .I know there is a post about this issue but it didnt help to me .(btw update it finds is 17.1.1)

Toshiba Satellite L70-B-151

Intel i7-4710HQ

8Gb ram

AMD Radeon R9 M265X


Windows 10 64bit