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    1920x2205 Custom Resolution for FP 3D


      Dear Community,


      I have a LG passive 3D TV that supports Frame Packing 3D - confirmed by using a 3D blu-ray player.

      Unfortunately the TV has poor EDID and only reports 1920x1080 at 60Hz and a few others.

      I've used the Create Custom Resolution in the latest drivers 17.1.1 to add 1920x1080 24Hz support and this works great.


      I'm now trying to add 1920x2205 24Hz support (for Frame Pack 3D) but the Custom Resolution page won't let me add a Vertical Resolution of 2205 (or any odd number for that matter) it rounds it up to 2206.


      Am I doing something wrong? or is this a limitation i.e you can only add even number values for the vertical resolution.


      Thank you for any help

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          As i can understand, you cannot to use Vertical or Horizontal Resolution bigger than your native display resolution.

          You may try to enable VSR in Radeon settings>Display and select your new VSR resolution for desktop(right click on desktop>display(or display resolution))

          After that you may try custom resolutions again

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              Hi, thanks for the reply. Ordinarily the Edid data from the display limits the display output settings. Sadly there are many example of displays that either missreport or don't report or, in the case of the LG TV I have, only half report their actual capability.


              It's great that AMD have added the ability to create custom Edid data to overcome such issues and I've already added 24Hz support for the TV using a set of timing values taken from a modeline string for standard Blu-ray playback.


              I now want to go one further and add the necessary Edid data for 3D Frame Packing support so that PowerDVD will playback 3D. At the moment PowerDVD doesn't think there is a suitable display as the Edid data for 3D is missing. 3D Frame Packing uses a 1920x2205 Frame which the TV should auto pull out the Left and Right frames. I've tried to add this resolution but the tool only lets you add even number vertical resolution. When set to 1920x2206 the TV sees this and does show an image but it's not correct for 3D playback.


              What would be perfect is if AMD could add some example HDTV and 3DTV Edid data strings which you could choose to add. I seem to remember years ago you could add typical HDTV resolutions where they were missing.


              Ultimately it is the TV that is at fault - if I switch to my Samsung 3D TV all works automatically as it should, as the Samsung provides the correct Edid data.


              In the old days of CRT displays, using the wrong setting could damage the display but in the age of digital panels the worst you'll get is either no image or a distorted image or a message on the display that the source is 'out of range', so it was understandable that both AMD and nVidia rigidly stick to the Edid data exchange. Nowadays a bit more flexibility is useful for those displays that don't communicate as they should.

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                  Honestly i don't understand your researches in this direction.

                  You have TV with 3D support, right?

                  You need a correct video player, which can playback 3D content.

                  The latest version of PowerDVD or WinDVD must playback 3D content without any Edid correction.

                  I am not professional in this field, maybe i am wrong.