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When connecting HDMI to FirePro W4100, devices which use HDMI-CEC stop working

Question asked by ttmcmurry on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by fsadough

I have the following devices hooked up in the following fashion:


TV (Sharp 60LE757U)                     Comcast (RNG110)

                     |                                                     |

   ----------------------------DENON X1200W----------

   |                      |                                                 |

PS4            Amazon FireStick (2nd Gen)       Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter (2nd Gen)


In this configuration, all HDMI-CEC devices operate as expected:  TV, PS4, Amazon, and Denon.   The moment I add my PC, which is a Dell Precision T1700 with FirePro W4100 (driver 16.12.1), HDMI-CEC stops working.  When I unplug the PC, HDMI-CEC immediately starts to work.


I can't seem to find any relevant settings that would cause this behavior on the FirePro.  Is there any way to explain why this happens?