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ReLive 26.12.2 not working properly

Question asked by daringx on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by kingfish

I'm experiencing several problems with the newest drivers in the DX11 game Mechwarrior Online.


1. In "full window" mode the keyboard shortcuts do not respond and no video is saved.  No matter what I've tried, I cannot save Relive video in "full window" mode.


2. In "full screen" mode, the Relive shortcuts work initially.  However, in a lot of real-world use cases, when pressing "Ctrl-Shift-S" to save a replay after a 15 minute game, nothing happens for a while then eventually a message pops up "Replay enabled" and nothing is saved.  Even though I tested the save replay function at the start to confirm it was enabled.  Somehow during the 15 minute game the "Replay" feature disabled itself without warning me.  This has happened nearly every match I've played with Relive enabled.


3. Freesync problems!  In "full screen" mode, Freesync is disabled after every game.  I have to switch from "full screen" to "full window" then back to "full screen" in order for Freesync to work.   If I don't do that, then "full screen" ends up being capped at 60fps instead of 144fps (my monitor's refresh rate).  In "full window" mode Freesync works fine all the time, but due to the problems in #2 above, I cannot use the Relive recording functionality in the "full window" mode.


Currently, I have enabled the software to handle my video recording and disabled the Relive function altogether. records in all modes consistently without fail.


So AMD, please fix Relive and Freesync for both the "full window" and "full screen" DX11 modes.  Thanks!