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Make Wattman Optional for users that prefer 3rd Party OC Apps (MSI Afterburner).

Question asked by loco_moco on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by shaoaz

The Crimson Driver Relive edition which added Wattman support for Hawaii cards have been causing crashes, specifically the Wattman portion. I wish this portion was inactive, or at the very least, optional like Relive. Wattman, even when left untouched, that is to say still hidden under the "Terms & Agreement" interface, is actually still active. This is evident when Afterburner software is running in the background and crashes with the different profiles in Afterburner.


Wattman, despite being a driver feature, lacks the finer details that Afterburner gives such as the advance fan control which is find really necessary for hybrid coolers that incorporate stock blower fan and AIO watercooler. The Wattman fan control for 290x on the other hand, only provides Auto, and Manual (Very Basic!).