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radeon hd4250- black screen with a white cursor after i updated windows. am i screwed!!?!?

Question asked by alexb24654 on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by kingfish

i have a windows 10 pc with an radeon hd4250. after i updated windows i turn the pc on. its a black screen, but i have a curser. i can ctrl+alt+dlt and then i can see the windows log in screen, and i can manage to boot into safe mode via shut down options in the lower right corner.


ive tried updating drivers. newest drivers, medium aged drivers, old drivers. ive tried AMD_Catalyst_13.4_Legacy_Beta_Vista_Win7_Win8 (which did change the resolution of my start up screen to proper proportions, but nothing else) and now im lost.


i am aware AMD says basically "continue using your system (not possible), or upgrade your graphics card"


but there has to be a way. i barely use my PC. i dont have money to go out and buy a whole new PC just so i can use it for an hour a week.