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    Should old .bmp sprite files still work with the latest AMD video card drivers?



      Up until driver version 15.12, we had no problems displaying old style .bmp sprites in an old game which lots of guys still play every day. (Paradox: Darkest Hour)

      Immediately on the release of the next driver 16.xx and still today, lots of guys running AMD video cards all report, for pc, laptop, it does not matter, the following problem. It does not matter as some guys run Win 7, Win10, Win 8, whatever.



      The game as a launcher where you can choose to have sprites display or not. If you choose no sprites, you play with counters. Some guys prefer that.

      So if you choose to play with sprites and go to play the game, the game will crash on loading.


      If you do not choose to play with sprites, the game will load with no problems whatsoever. The driver is the issue, since if you install the 15.12 or previous drivers, there are no problems. It is with all the subsequent drivers, there is an issue.


      I do understand that this forum is very busy, but can someone please tell me, what can I do to fix this issue, as lots of guys have stopped playing the game, simply because they want to play with sprites, and they cannot.


      Much Obliged, Thanks