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    4gb vs. 8gb


      I want to get a new Radeon rx 480 to go with my fx-8350, but I'm stuck trying to decide between 4gb and 8gb. I figure that 8gb might be more future proof, but theres no point in having the extra vram if the card becomes obsolete by the time it is useful. I've seen other forums on this matter, but they all stray from the main point and there's a lot of people shouting curses, so I decided to bring it to some of the most intelligent people I've seen so far on the internet. Any ideas?

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          depends on the price difference. If they cost almost the same go with the 8GB. I have R9 290X with 4GB and I dont have problems playing games at fullhd, 2560x1440 and Eyefinity 7680x1440 and 5760x1080. In eyefinity sometimes I need to lower the anisotropic filtering and antialiasing and some graphics settings.

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            It depends in the price and how long you keep it. Games will use more than 4GB but at the same time if games are actually using more than 4GB at 1440p then most likely the GPU is not going to be faster enough for Ultra Settings. I game 290X 4GB @ 4K and there are many games that use more than 4GB but at the same time the GPU is not fast enough to use the Ultra settings. If you do not plan to go 4K you can go with 4GB. If 4K its probability better to have 8GB. Alsk check memory speeds. Not 100% 4GB cards run at 8GHz.

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