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After the latest Crimson Relive update my GPU is now dead

Question asked by mitsukuni on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by goodplay

Hey guys,


This is my first post in here, so if it's in wrong place sorry about that.


I have HD 7870 graphics card and when i was playing Red Orchestra 2 my screen got greyed out and than i needed to restart my computer because it was frozen. Anyway, when i reboot i realized that my GPU is dead because Windows (and also Ubuntu) was not start normally, i must've use fallback mod or safe mod whatever. Now, my native resolution is not working, current resolution is 800x600 and couldn't change it, also i have vertical green lines and horizontal distorts on my screen permanently. These vertical green lines are also in BIOS screen too, so it's not about drivers now.


My card is out of warranty because it's 3,5 years old. Is there something i can do? At least, can i use my native resolution somehow?



4 days before my brother's 270x also got the same situation, same new driver and it's too suspicious. Luckily, he has warranty.