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    Move software to D:


      I have a SSD which is nearly full with click-to-run programs. I have relocated everything I can from C: to D: and wonder if I can do the same with the AMD software.

      There is the opportunity to change the location of downloaded software during installation but I have already installed AMD Catalyst to my C: drive. The software does not appear in "Programs and features" to be able to uninstall it so is there a way to move the software from C: to D:?

      The present folder includes several versions of Crimson. Are these all required?

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          I do believe the drivers have to stored on Drive C:


          However, you can delete folders with the earlier versions of the extracted driver files.    

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            Just to clarify for you.

            You can delete everything listed in that text file you posted. Those are the files you downloaded or what results when they're extracted.

            Once extracted the setup program  runs and installs the drivers the CCC and pile of other stuff which are all embedded deeper into your C: harddrive folders.

            Once the install is done the downloaded file and it's extracted result can all be deleted.


            If you want to free up more space do a disk cleanup and choose "clean up system files", check off everything except thumbnails then select  more options and choose to delete system restore and shadow copies. Delete!   Now before you start deleting system restore files just be sure everything is working nicely.

            The rule of thumb I've followed for many years when installing stuff is.. If it starts when the computer boots/resets then install on c:  if it's just a game or utility or benchmark or other non essential app then install somewhere else.

            Make sure your library folders are assigned to a different partition too like E:  and games (STEAM) to a G: partition. You can reassign partition drive letters to make life easier BUT don't go changing them once programs are installed as the registry relies on installed locations including the partitiondriveletter:and/file/name.xxx

            You CAN change the library locations and download location anytime.

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                Thanks for the further advice. It is useful to know that I can delete all the downloaded AMD files following installation of the drivers.


                I had already carried out a disk cleanup and assigned my library folders to my D: drive. Where possible, I have uninstalled programs from my C: drive and reinstalled them on my D: drive, along with those I had already assigned to the D: drive. This has brought my free space to about 20%, which I am much happier with. I am now only left with system folders that have to be on C: and those programs that are click-to-run which I cannot assign to a different drive - principally Microsoft Office.


                I am sure it should not be this difficult but thanks again for your help.