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new radeon rx 470 stutter

Question asked by metathirteen on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by kingfish

Im having an issue with my new card, i just set it up today. its a sapphire radeon rx470. im sure all the parts of my computer can handle it.
asrock z75 pro3
intel i5 (forgot which exactly) runs at 3.2ghz not oc'd

corsair cx600m

corsair vengeance 8gb ram

1tb hdd

win7 x64


so the issue isnt the games. every game ive tried runs flawlessly, high settings, no problems what so ever. no crashing, freezing, overheating, nothing. the problem is when im not playing.

everything i do has a stutter to it. watching videos, using firefox, just browsing through windows, anything i do has this laggy, choppy look. nothing maximizes or minimizes smoothy, scrolling looks horrible. ive been reading up, and i heard ATI cards have some weird issues, but this is making me have an OCD kinda anxiety lol. i have my pc connected to a samsung 32in 1080p tv, display settings for everything r 1920x1080. considering the card this replaced was running the same setup with no problem (geforce gtx650) i find it odd that basic ui stuff stutters. has anyone else had this problem before and if so is there a fix?! the more i see the stutter the more i wanna go crazy