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    Relive cannot record


      I have the 16.12.2 update, none of shortcut keys work, just one time I managed to open the alt+z thing and that was when I just started pc and nothing later on.

      I use Windows 7 64bit, CPU AMD FX-8350, GPU ASUS RX-470 2GB, 16 DDR3 RAM, WINDOWS ON SSD AND 2TB hard drive for storage, PSU 800W. Please help me

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          I have the same issue exactly.  relive 17.2.1 . I toggled the tool bar 1 time I saw an icon yellow top left corner is all.. tried to start game from crimson and long pause and driver crashed radeon stopped responding.. that was most I got from relive so far. now nothing works on relive. I guess the software just don't run or do anything.. nice advertisement though... win 7 64 bit amd fx-9590 asus crosshair v formula-z  1tb Samsung 850 evo  16gb ripjaws 2400 MHz 1300 watt evga  2 r9 nitro fury sapphire xf. h110i water cooled..  fps lag spikes on very hardcore moded gameing  spikes are abnormal.. relive is dead..