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    Problem with CPU


      I'm driving a professional DAW with it (Sonar X3) with some added plugins of course.  But I've noticed when looking at the CPU activity guage that the latency starts breaking up because the 1st core seems to be doing 3X's the work of all the others combined.  Isn't there some way to better distribute that power?  I know the 1st core handles all of the OS tasks, but like I say, that core is doing WAAY more than all the others.  Is there some 1/2-way easy solution to this?  I've already boosted the latency buffers in my software.  Keep in mind, I'm not as geeky as a most folks on this forum.

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          If your application performs heavy single threaded calculations , you can only to overclock your CPU to increase your performance.

          There is no way to force application to use more threads, if it has single threaded code.

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              It's along shot this, how about opening the application, then crtl alt delete, task manager, go to details, then right click on the application on the drop down list 2 things to look for.


              Affinity, you could see if enabling that application to another core could help. or try mixing it around clicking all cores etc.


              Second is priority, try above normal.


              see if that helps. Probably not, but worth a look , if redfury says it's single thread it's likely not to help, however my idea for a simple fix would be to move it off the primary # 1 core.


              PS does this site use a spell checker? I wrote mixing, I saw missing, corrected it after post submitted, that's like not even close on my KB?


              IE if your CPU is multicore, and the application is not, you can make the application run on a core that's not being used so much through the steps I mentioned.