Nintendo Switch eschews AMD, goes with nVidia, creates lower end console than XBOX 360

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Nintendo Switch fans will be disappointed to hear that the console's upcoming FIFA game might not be up to scratch.

In fact, new rumours have suggested that FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch will be based on the PS3 and Xbox 360 editions.

That's according to Eurogamer reporter Tom Phillips, who told Twitter followers that EA is testing the waters with the release of the new FIFA.

"EA is testing the Switch waters with FIFA," Phillips tweeted. "That's it for now.

"I've heard FIFA Switch is based off of the 360/PS3 versions which still get made."

While this is yet to be confirmed by EA and Nintendo, it makes sense given EA's relationship with Nintendo and how it withdrew support for the Wii U after poor sales.

It would certainly be cheaper to port the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, although it's unclear whether the Switch could handle PS4 and Xbox One ports to begin with.

Makes you wonder if Nintendo is trying to go bankrupt. They've revealed online multiplayer will be subscription based like the XBOX and PS, the hardware is quite inferior to the XBONE and PS4, third party game support is again a joke because of horrid hardware, and it's priced the same as the XBONE and PS4. They had a real chance here and they blew it, again basically relying on first party titles to carry the system. Since most of the games won't be ready until the summer anyway, there was absolutely no reason they couldn't have gotten AMD to design a Ryzen and Vega custom APU that would have blown the XBONE and PS4 out of the water. They seem to think this is still 1985 and they're effectively unchallenged. This is 2017, they're the bottom of the barrel, and they keep shooting themselves in the foot. Eventually they're going to fall so far down Sony will buy them out, and I don't think anyone wants to see that day.