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(Gigabyte Edition) RX 480 + AOC G2260VWQ6 FreeSync Not Working

Question asked by markgebbett on Jan 16, 2017



I recently purchased a Gigabyte RX 480, and an AOC G2260VWQ6 monitor.

I have discovered that although the card and the monitor definitely support FreeSync, it is not working. I notice this ingame, and in the monitor panel, where the freesync text next to the FPS information does not appear as it would do if FreeSync was working.


FreeSync is definitely enabled in both the monitor settings and drivers, as instructed by manuals and online official information. The games (Elite: Dangerous, Overwatch) are definitely on the right DirectX versions and in the correct display setting - "FULLSCREEN", so it should work. The monitor is definitely set to DisplayPort 1.2, and I am using the display port cable supplied with the monitor, that is promised to support FreeSync. I believe it must be a problem with the drivers, as nothing else could really cause the issue, as it is happening on my brother's PC as well, which has exactly the same card and monitor except for a different, newer generation CPU and Motherboard and RAM. I am using the latest generation of Crimson software available, which has the FreeSync option enabled.


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