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Gigabyte Radeon RX 460 Fans NOT spinning, temperature stuck at 89 Celsius - 192 Fahrenheit

Question asked by the_saint on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by jefferson17

Hello everyone !

Just today,  I've manage to get my hands on GIGABYTE AMD RADEON RX 460 , 4GB ( GV-RX460WF2OC-4GD )

Unfortunately , i didn't manage to enjoy my new graphics card

Upon booting , I saw that both of the fans, didn't spin any at all , nothing ....


The fan of my CPU ( Intel Core i5 2400 ) did spin on boot, same goes for my PSU.


Once I entered Windows 10 ( Pro , 64-bit edition ) I used the DVD that came with my graphic card and installed the drivers AND the Gigabyte Xtreme Engine.

My fans were continuing to be idle...they weren't spinning not even 1 RPM

Upon entering Video-Games to test the fans and the graphic card, the fans didn't spin , not even a little bit .


And because I have 2 monitors , in my main monitor I had a videogame playing,

and in the second monitor , I had the Gigabyte Xtreme Engine running to be able to see the level of the temperature.


The Temperature started from very low,  around 28, climbing up to 73 .. nothing happened..

The fans were continuing to be idle and not starting to spin any at all..

I shutdown the game, because I didn't want to overheat or burn my graphics card from day 1 and I called the store which I bought it ( brand new )

and told me : << The company which makes these graphic cards AMD , they make them to work exactly like that.

They will work without the fans spinning any at all , to provide a quiet "game-play" experience until they will reach 90 Celsius...and then...and only then..  the fans will start sniping to lower the temprature. >>

After that , upon closing the conversation with him , he told me to: << ....Continue testing the graphics card and to raise it above 90 Celsius to see that the fans will start working. >>

And that is what I tried to do .

To get the temprature at least 90.


So I went back to the videogame and reached 89 C and then I lost from 10 up to 30 FPS and the Temperature stuck there at 89 C

The games I tested the graphics card are the following :


Heroes of the Storm

Grim Dawn

Mortal Kombat XL

Dota 2


No matter what I was doing , I couldn't get the Temperature to RISE above 89 Celsius

In one monitor I had Media Player Classic playing TV Series, and also Heroes of the Storm , while in my main monitor , I had the game Grim Dawn playing.

No Matter what I was doing, the temperature wasn't going above 89 Celsius , instead I was losing FPS from everything ..

Also .. upon trying to overclock it via the Gigabyte Xtreme Engine , my windows 10 crashes entirely.

First both my monitor flashes black and white , then I get some weird red/blue/pink pixels and the mouse and keyboard are stop responding.

I removed the graphic card Radeon RX 460 , from my computer case, and installed it ,in my brother's computer case, and there , the same problem with the fans.



The fans are NOT spinning, when he boots his computer.
Nothing at all..same exactly behavior... and in his computer, it crashes even more often , even more aggressively .

Without being able to start a game.. while he is at the Desktop of his computer in OS Windows 10 , it crashed 3 times , the first 2 times while trying to install the AMD Drivers .. total 3 times before he told me to go away and not destroy his computer and his work


And then , we installed the graphic card , in a very old computer, just to give power you know , and there are again the same thing, the FANS are not spinning in Boot procedure , neither when in Bios.



Is this normal behavior for the specific card ?? or is it a defective ?

Does anyone else have this card or any other Radeon RX 460 and can share some information here please ?
Does the fans spin , when you power up your computer ? Do they spin for like 3-4-5 seconds and they stop upon entering windows ?

Or they are not spinning any at all ?






Thank you all in advance for your time to read this !!!!