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FIFA 17 The Journey Crash

Question asked by kopmeister on Jan 16, 2017

At a certain point (when Alex Hunter is given the ball by his grandfather) in the FIFA 17 game mode 'The Journey' the game will just inexplicably crash, giving this DirectX error


Thing is this only happens on FIFA and Battlefield, two games running on the Frostbite engine? Perhaps there some sort of conflict between the engine and the drivers? Had to downgrade to drivers from July to play even a bit of the journey, however downgrading messed with the performance of every other game, at which point I upgraded back to present day drivers and sure enough the game found a cutscene to crash on!


Specs are as follows:

i5 6600

R9 380 4GB

8GB Ram

Windows 10


Temps are fine on CPU and GPU, can play GTA for hours on end without an issue.


Any help is much appreciated,