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    Dell Inspiron 1501 - ATI R485M Video Driver



      I am upgrading a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop from Vista to Windows 7.  This laptop has an ATI RS485M / SB600 system chipset with an ATI R485M video controller. My understanding is that W7 has all of the drivers for this laptop except the video driver.  Dell Inspiron 1501 Owners Manual.


      I downloaded the AMD Driver Autodetect software on the Inspiron 1501 running Vista SP2 but this causes the laptop to freeze during installation. I was hoping that it could tell me which driver I would need for W7.


      Does AMD have a Windows 7 chipset or video driver for this laptop?

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          According to this > http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/product-support/product/inspiron-1501/drivers  < your graphics chip is the ATI IGP Xpress 1150.

          AMD has no drivers or support for that chip with that OS.

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            I have a DELL INSPIRON 1501, TURON 64bit, 8 GIGS MEMORY, I installed win 7 Home Premium and I used Vista ati xpress 1150 driver in compatibilty mode and it works fine, Now I have win 10 install, so its a dual boot with win 7 & win 10 64bit, I'm trying to find a Xpress 1150 driver to work with win 10. I did find that A200 xpress driver also worked with win 7. You have to look for drivers for different systems and it's been long process for win 10. I know that I will find it but some help would be great... I'll be back if I get it done.

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              I did a LOT of searching and I found some helpful INFO at MS FORUMS hard to believe . First I'm working the DELL INSPIRON 1501 TURON 64 BIT, DUAL BOOT WIN 7 WIN 10, I started by going to dell and D/L R169722 this is a ATI drv for Vista 32 and I installed it and finally got my SLEEP mode installed, but it kept saying I needed to update DRV. so a person at MS said he'd had used 9-11_legacy_vista_32-64_dd_ccc and it worked in compatibility mode for vista, and someone else said they used 10-2_legacy _vista_32-64_dd_ccc in COMPATIBILITY  MODE VISTA SP2, these were all for inspiron 1501 for ATI XPRESS 1150 , I used the 10-2 dvr and it did install without any problems and so now I have HIBERNATE mode also forgot this is for WINDOWS 10 64 BIT. I D/L the 10-2 legacy file here , the other 9-11 file came from somewhere else I don't remember but the person said that some of the text that came up was in Chinese and so it was modded and I didn't want to take a chance . So all is well oh I did update in DM and it did update . I hope that this Helps others the file I got from DELL did have VOSTRO and Latitude for support.

                 Next I'll work ongetting SYNPATIC   touchpad to work with MS EDGE. I have it working everywhere else but the APP'S and EDGE. using R304889 from dell. Crazy making this all work on win 10 win 7 I didn't have 1 problem getting everything correct.